Single-cell RNA sequencing uncovers the individual alteration of intestinal mucosal immunocytes in Dusp6 knockout mice

Hsueh-Fen Juan
Feb, 2022
Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) approach can broadly and specifically evaluate the individual cells with minimum detection bias. To explore the individual compositional and transcriptional alteration of intestinal leukocytes in the Dual Specificity Phosphatase six knockout (D6KO) mice, we performed a scRNA-seq followed by the cell type annotation based on ImmGen database. Composition assessments found that D6KO-derived intestinal leukocytes tend to stay inactivate or immature status. The enrichment analysis showed that D6KO-derived intestinal leukocytes are less sensitive to microbes. The mod PhEA phenotypic analysis showed that the D6KO leukocytes may link to not only immune-associated but also diverse previously non-immune-related diseases. Integrating our dataset with the published dataset GSE124880 generated a comprehensive dataset for exploring intestinal immunity. Down-regulation of Ccl17 gene was found in the D6KO-derived dendritic cells. Our results demonstrated the advantage of applying scRNA-seq for dissecting the individual alteration of intestinal leukocytes, particularly in the D6KO mice at a naive state.